Seasons In My Life and Art

Season is a most interesting word. When you break down the English language it can be fun to just say the word out loud and slow it right down. Sea-zon, Seize on, Seas-un….a silly game but a word full on meaning. For me it means the changing of the weather, the movement of a time of life from one stage to the other and also to let something marinate and ferment, food or ideas or even to clean a cast iron pan properly!

Right now I’m contemplating my time of life and my new role as a Grandmother. Sometimes I have a moment of clarity and I think about my deathbed and who will surround me. I really feel that the most important thing in life is how well you loved and treated others especially your family. That doesn’t mean becoming a doormat. For me it means being there when they need me no matter what is going on in my life. Even if it’s just to listen for a short while or to stop by for a quick visit.

Having lived away for almost five years from my loved ones I’m feeling the pull to go home. Yes, I hate winter but I love my family more. I guess the seasons are changing. Did I learn a lot from this last adventure? Heck yes! I learned so much! So much more than I could have learned and experienced if I stayed where I was before it began. It’s been a blessing for my Husband and I both. It’s expanded our world view and been a joy. But now I’m feeling an incubation period. The season will turn again and we’ll be off to meet new people and to reconnect with our family without having to get on a flight.

My art is changing too. It’s me becoming more me. I’m so happy when I’m painting and I’m seeing themes and characters appear. I know I need to let my “style” marinate and season and turn and that takes lots of repetition and dedication to working at it. I see a studio in my future…right now I work in a corner of the living room in a space that’s about 5×5 feet….it’s really tight! I don’t know when or where I will be but I’m feeling the wheel turn. When will we leave? I have no idea on specifics but that’s ok, the pull is there.

I’ve realized that I’m not in a rush to sell my art. I think I’m in a time or Season where I should focus on making art and just work, work, work at it. I’ve set a goal for myself to produce 200 new works over the next year. The New Year is fast approaching and I know I can make that number. It feels like a goal that is just a bit scary and that’s how goals should be. Just enough fear to cause excitement. No comfort zone for me. Keep moving from Season to Season!

“Modern Love” Acrylic on Canvas 30×40 inches

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