We All Start Small

I’m reaching a point in my Art journey where I feel I’ve only just taken a baby step in the process of finding my true artistic voice. Making art is such an all enveloping process for me. If I’m gonna do it I have to throw myself into it and everything else slides. The dog is lucky to get walked or fed. The same goes for my husband. I do however manage to keep the kettle going to have a constant stream of tea on the brew. Hours and hours pass by. I focus inward, I look at the big picture. I choose my colours instinctively….by the seat of my pants. It’s so much like being a kid again! I get to play and when I’m done I get to enjoy the results…or not…it’s OK…whatever comes out is fine. The process is so much more important than the result.

Those who know me well know that my childhood was short. Lots of adulting from a young age whether I liked it or not. Not much time to play and get to be a kid growing up on my own time. So many ups and downs. It was like living on a scary ride not knowing what was gonna come around the next corner.

Now I can truly say that my little inner child has pushed her way to the surface and is demanding that I spend time with her. She’s in charge and she wants to go back to the beginning. So we are starting together,she and I, to figure this thing out. She uses humour to express herself. That’s why a lot of my work is irreverent and doesn’t look like a mature middle aged woman has painted it. I like it! Come on out girl…lets get it on!

Now I want to go bigger and paint larger canvases. I want to paint all of the funny people that are showing up in my head. The only problem I have is what to do with them when they are done? My condo is fine for living in but there is no space for a studio. The work is stacking up. I’ve had some work at a local gallery but my Tribe hasn’t shown up there. They haven’t found me yet. I’m working on that.

Oh well, I will just keep going…my little Kim needs me to. I need it too. I need the colour and the paint and the pastels and the markers and the mess. The mess is glorious! It’s the cleaning up that sucks…just like when we are children and we have to clean up the mess we have made.

I’ve made a good start. I’ve got lots of time left to make art and to grow into it. I made it through the baby stage…I think that ended when I finally allowed myself to identify as an artist. That was a big one. Now it’s time to tackle grade school.

We All Start Small

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