Today I’m Gonna Paint!

Today I’m gonna paint….today I’m gonna paint….today’s the day I’m gonna paint…..SQUIRREL!

That’s how this summer has been going. My short little span of attention has been majorly challenged. I finally got back to my summer spot after traveling for 3 weeks to visit my new Grandson and then my Mother. I have been itching to paint but have been distracted by a new obsession. While thrifting with my Mother she mentioned the website Poshmark. I had heard of this app but living on an Island makes it expensive to buy or sell online due to the shipping costs. Before moving to the Caribbean I had a growing EBay and Etsy business chugging along due to my love of thrifting and flipping cool stuff.

OK, I got that out of my system by listing 40 items for sale…now I can paint.

I had been seeing a vision for a fun painting of a young couple with a new baby in my mind and I needed to get it down on canvas. I sketched it out and started filling in the blanks…then I gave it the Kim Cadenhead spin. I love it but once again my Mother took one look and said “It’s not my cup of tea, I don’t get it.” Oh well, I guess she’ll never get my style. She loves everything grey and pink and cream. I’d go crazy!

Now I’m working on a painting of a bunch of babies…babies on the brain. It’s gonna be another fun piece that I’m sure my Mother won’t understand.

It’s gonna be hard to leave in a month to go back to Grand Cayman for the winter and not be around to stop by to see the kids. On the other hand it’s an exciting prospect to be getting back to business. On the Island I have nothing to do but paint all day long every day…that is if I can keep the procrastination bug at bay. A schedule and a work ethic is what I need. I have talked about this in a previous post. Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I don’t have any motivation to paint. Other days I work all day and don’t realize the passage of time. Those are the days that I love because I usually take a look at the work and wonder how the heck I made it. It’s an out of body experience…a rush…a high….I like it.

How do I harness that feeling? Repeat it when I want to? Discipline myself to produce?

I reject a schedule at the best of times. I hated being an employee. Working for someone else on their time eating into my own life energy and wasting my days for a little bit of money. I hope one day in the near future our Society organizes itself in a more productive way in order to allow people to be happy and fulfilled in what they spend their time doing every day. I am so blessed to be able to call my time my own at this point in my life. I really have a duty to use my time wisely. It’s selfish of me to goof off and not get to work and get work out on the easel.

It shouldn’t be too much of a chore. The sun shines all the time and I can take a dip in the pool to clear my mind any time I need to. It’s really too bad I don’t have any interest in painting palm trees or birds or the ocean but that’s just how it is…it’s been done by better artists than me and I have no desire to go there. I will just stick to putting down what I find rolling around in my mind. Whether anyone “gets it” or not dosen’t really matter. I get it!

There…I just gave myself a good talking to. Now get to the easel and Paint Kim!

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