Life is Sweet, Art Therapy Helps

This past month has been sweet. My husband and I have become grandparents twice over. We had a darling little granddaughter born at the end of June and just a few days ago we had a beautiful bouncing baby boy arrive.

We have three daughters and two of them have blessed us with these beautiful additions to our family. It was funny how it happened. The oldest daughter and the youngest both becoming pregnant around the same time. Our middle daughter is not quite there yet but she’s happily married and very much enjoying her life. No rush, everything comes in it’s own good time.

The arrival of these two beautiful little souls has made me feel extremely creative. I have all kinds of ideas in my mind for future paintings. Families, Mother’s and Children, childhood scenes. We’ll see what I come up with.

Now that I’m a Grandma I’m kinda stressing a bit about my habit of not remembering birth dates and other important things like anniversaries. I’m so bad at that! I guess I will have to make better use of my iPhone and set reminders for everything. Not such a bad problem to have.

With all the ups and downs of life it’s great to be able to sit back and contemplate how sweet life can be. We all can easily slide into the mindset that nothing seems to be going the way we wanted it to. Negativity is a slippery slope and can lead you down, down, down making it difficult to find your way back up to the light.

I really believe that there are a lot more sweet moments in this life than negative ones if you’re open to looking for them. Making a list of all of your blessings is a great way to highlight what is working and what feels good.

I can lift my mood with paint and paper, brushes and glue and pastels and pencils. Give it a go if you are feeling low. Art therapy is a great way to access your subconscious and let your inner voice show you how to get problems out of your mind and onto to paper or canvas. It’s not expensive! You can buy a package of oil pastels for a couple of bucks and some paper and you’re all set to go. It’s ok if you want to throw your work away or burn it when it’s done….that can actually be very cleansing. It’s not good to keep negativity rolling around in your brain. Give it an exit point and colour your way to feeling better just like you did in kindergarten!

If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities just go for the abstract. It’s so much fun and so freeing and there are NO RULES! You’ll be surprised at what shows up when you just let go. If art is not your thing, make a new recipe or try a new craft.

We are all still children in adult bodies. Having new babies around reminds you of that. We all start out so small and helpless, and really cute, but by trying new things and crying it out we can all get through this exciting sweet life!

How sweet it is!

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