In The Pink.

The dictionary definition of “In The Pink” states:

In very good health and spirits.


in good health, in perfect health, very healthy, very well, hale and hearty, bursting with health, in rude health; blooming, flourishing, thriving, vigorous, strong, lusty, robust, bounding, in fine fettle, fit, (as) fit as a flea, (as) fit as a fiddle, in tip-top condition, in excellent shape.

I love the statement….Hale and Hearty…never heard that one before!

All I know is that for me, being in the pink has been a lifelong objective and goal! Seldom has it occurred to me that I’ve achieved it.

Lately my thoughts are all about my new granddaughter who is due within the next two weeks or so. I painted this pink piece with a feminine energy dreaming the whole time about what a lovely thing it would be to have a granddaughter knowing she was on her way. A new life with everything in front of her and nothing imprinted on her yet. No knowledge of the world and its ways. She’ll be wide-eyed taking it all in. I’ve seen it before with my own three daughters and I marvelled at the women they’ve become.

Each one very different in her own way but very special their own ways. I have felt so blessed and fortunate to have them in my life.

I feel a lot like that about the art pieces that I produce. I still consider myself quite a novice, a new beginner. I am wide-eyed willing to experiment and to see what comes of playing with art supplies and ideas that pop into my head. In a way I feel like I’ve started all over again and I am a babe in a new world. A world of creativity and freedom. My children have grown up and are having children of their own it’s been a really big lightbulb moment that I am reborn too. I have a new role. The role of grandmother, Wise woman, Elder. It’s such an exciting time for me! And I am so lucky, hit the lottery really, that I have a grandson due just a few weeks later in July! My blessings multiply! A grandson! The boy my husband and I never had….what a spoiled boy he will be!

Turning back to my work, my work of art, it’s a time of gestation and birth for me too. I don’t have a defined style yet at least I don’t think I do. And I’m finding it a struggle, maybe it’s resistance, to just get down to it and get the paint out. I’m working on that. Still working….working hard even now that I’m going to be a grandmother. Working hard on me and who I am and who I want to be. I know one things for sure, I want to live my life feeling that I am “In the pink”.

PS: This and many of my pieces are available by hitting the Shop button on my Home page.

In The Pink

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