Suspicious Minds…Are You Lookin’ At Me?

In this age of social media don’t you ever wonder if you’re being just a little bit too self-conscious? I’ve been on a lot of Facebook groups for various things. Some silly things and some more serious things. I was on a Weight loss group once and boy it got dicey on there. Any little comment you made seem to trigger massive responses about people thinking that you were speaking directly to them or about them! Why does everybody seem so touchy? I just happened to mention that I was shocked at how many people showed pictures of the food that they were eating on paper plates! The backlash I got from that! People were offended that I was insinuating they were lazy or so they thought. They defended their need for paper plates because of their busy lives…whatever.

I don’t remember it being that way back in the days before the Internet. There was a lot less connectivity and you really didn’t know what people thought of you unless you heard it through gossip or overheard someone talking about you.

Nowadays people always seem to be in some sort of battle on the web. There’s a lot of judgement. There needs to be a lot more live and let live.

Suspicious Minds

I love the old saying that “It’s none of your business what other people think of you.” So true! I’ve decided to just do my thing. I’m going to be me and paint what I want to paint and resist the need to conform. And maybe I’ll try to do a little bit less judging myself. If you want to use paper plates and you don’t care about wasting the paper, then go right ahead and eat off the paper plates and more power to ya!

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