Not Gonna Lie….I LOVE Colour.

So far there’s been no rhyme or reason to the way I choose my paint colours. I’m not sure why I do that but I’m just going with it. I’ve been in painting classes where they talk about value of the colours, light source, shading etc. I guess I’m a rebel because as soon as I start painting something all of that goes completely out the window.

Push Through It

I’ve been playing around with abstracts lately. I absolutely love how I can go crazy and just keep layering and scribbling and playing. I can go this way and that way and then come back around and just keep moving until I can’t see anymore use in putting anything else down.

Recently someone was admiring my art and I was struggling to explain what was going on with it. Then straight out of my subconscious, without me even realizing it, I blurted out “Its my inner 6 year old. She’s come out to play.” WHOA, that blew my mind…because I was finally able to vocalize it and hear it out loud for my conscious self. That was it! After a lifetime of “Adutling” I was finally letting the little girl inside of me come out to play!

And yes, she and I both love colour! I don’t think I have it in me at this point on my journey to go soft with colour or with anything else. I guess maybe it’s the time of life I’m in. From all accounts huge shifts happen to women at my age. I guess I’m just becoming the me I always wanted to be! She LOVES colour!

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