Art from Junk.

One day last year I decided I was gonna try my hand at Collage. I think it came from my desire to have a reason to look for and buy Ephemera. I am a very big thrift store junkie. Used book stores are just as fun to shop as your average thrift shop so I went on a hunt. There’s a really limited supply of second hand shops where I live on Grand Cayman so I went into the search with an open mind. I really love recycling so I decided to use old hardback book covers as my ground to create my pieces on.

This is one of my early Collages.

Pray Hard

it’s got some old book photos, some magazine cutouts, a couple of buttons from my sewing stash, scrabble tiles, a wartime photo and an old game card in it. I didn’t know what I was doing until it was all done. I think I understand what it means now that it’s done but I will leave it up to you to decide what you see in there. Everything I used to make this piece was something that someone had discarded. Most would view it as garbage. I think once all of these bits of “Junk” were assembled something magical took place. It can speak to you if you are able to listen. Collage…..yep, it’s really fun.

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