What exactly is a “Work Of Art”

I strongly believe we all exist in our own little universe. Our own bubble that surrounds our bodies that’s made of energy. I think that bubble has a screen on the inside of it that gives us our perception of what our little world looks like. We all have our own tastes our own likes and dislikes. But who gets to say what a work of art is?

Peek A Boo

I have been in shops and galleries where I see art for sale that I would not want to have in my home. That’s true for all of us. I’ve seen it in action when I had a market stall selling handmade things I had crafted. Some people just walk straight on by like you’re invisible but others stop and stay to look at all you’ve produced praising it and spending money because they just need to have a piece of what you’ve done.

I found it to be quite an emotional roller coaster since I decided to focus on making mixed media pieces and painting. It’s quite an internal shift that I have experienced. When I made my hand crafted bags and sold them at the market I really didn’t care if someone walked straight on by. That was just fine with me. To each his own. But now that I am producing what the world considers “artwork” something inside of me seems to really care about what people think. Why is that? Is it just me seeking some kind of validation? Why do I feel such fear that people will hate what I do. And how long will it take for me to lose that?

I have some work in a gallery for sale right now. I can’t even bring myself to go there and hang around. I’m worried I will be there and overhear someone saying what crap my art is. But honestly, if I can be brutally honest for a minute, I feel some of the stuff I see is not that great in my opinion. But that’s it! It’s MY OPINION.

So like it or not I’m gonna be me and just keep painting what I want until someone out there says “Hey, I like that! That’s a Work Of Art!”

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