Avoidance and Resistance!

Personal Space

This piece is called “Personal Space”. I love it because it shows the feeling of being crowded and observed. When I begin a painting it’s usually after a period of anguish and doubt. I know I want to make something…I have no idea what will happen and I have a lot of stress. Stress that I will “waste” the paint, the canvas and my time and whatever I produce will end up in the garbage.

Then I get going and I try really hard to loosen up. I don’t want my work to look like someone else’s but it’s awfully tempting to sit and vegetate in from of my IPad searching Pinterest for inspiration. I have wasted many hours doing this very thing. Then I throw up my hands and just get to it. Turns out my work never does look like someone else’s…my pieces are really starting to look like they have a voice f their own.

Now if I could only get from A to B without all of the Drama!

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